“You know, for cigars there is no other city like London” - Manu Harit.

ManuH Cigars is the latest embarkment of the young cigar sommelier, Manu Harit. After spending time in London studying for a degree in hospitality — where one box of 10 cigars and working closely with the infamous Sahakians lit his interest for cigars, Manu began his illustrious career. Following his time with Edward Sahakian and family, he caught the attention of Jemma Freeman, owner and managing director of Hunters & Frankau, the sole importer of Havana cigars into the UK, who recommended him to the Corinthia Hotel where he went on to develop and manage their new cigar offering at the courtyard of their London hotel, before most recently moving to the position of Cigar Development Manager at The Arts Club Mayfair in 2016.

Now, Manu Harit — and his curated team of specialist bring to you ManuH Cigars.